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Silver Earrings with Diamond and Ruby RhombusSilver ear studs with ruby and diamonds
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Silver Earrings with Diamonds and EmeraldsSilver hanging earrings with diamonds and emeralds
Silver Earrings Curved with Emeralds and Diamondssilver earrings with 3 ascending rows of emeralds and diaomnds
Silver Earrings with Diamonds and Princess cut Blue SapphireDiamonds row and princess cut blue sapphire set in silver ear studs
Silver Earrings Triangle with Blue Sapphire and DiamondTriangle earrings studded with blue sapphires and diamonds
Silver Earrings with Blue Sapphire and Diamond FlowerSilver ear studs in blue sapphire and diamond flower
Silver Earrings with South Sea PearlsSouth sea pearls bezel set in sterling silver earrings
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Tribal style earrings in oxidised silver Oxidised silver earrings with trinkets hanging
Silver Earrings in Tribal Discs
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Sale priceRs. 7,500.00
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Silver Earrings with Gold Plated Bezel DiamondsCurved ear studs in dark oxidised silver with diamonds in gold plated bezels
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Many thin bangles connected as 1 sterling silver bangleSterling silver bangles interlinked