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Abelone 2 stone silver earringsAbelone 2 stone silver earrings
Abelone 2 stone silver earrings
Sale priceRs. 6,300.00
Abalone and Silver 925 Necklace with Garnet TasselAbalone and Silver 925 Necklace with Garnet Tassel
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Colorful abalone shell trio necklaceColorful abalone shell trio necklace
Colorful abalone shell trio necklace
Sale priceRs. 11,700.00
Colorful abalone shell duo necklaceColorful abalone shell duo necklace
Colorful abalone shell duo necklace
Sale priceRs. 5,650.00
Three step abalone & pearl necklaceThree step abalone & pearl necklace
Three step abalone & pearl necklace
Sale priceRs. 6,550.00
Marquise Shape Abalone Shell PendantsMarquise Shape Abalone Shell Pendants
Two square Abalone silver pendantTwo square Abalone silver pendant
Two square Abalone silver pendant
Sale priceRs. 5,950.00
Twin abalone silver pendantTwin abalone silver pendant
Twin abalone silver pendant
Sale priceRs. 7,450.00
Abalone 3 step sterling silver pendantAbalone 3 step sterling silver pendant
Water droplet Abalone pendantWater droplet Abalone pendant
Water droplet Abalone pendant
Sale priceRs. 6,750.00
Triangular Abalone pendantTriangular Abalone pendant
Triangular Abalone pendant
Sale priceRs. 6,300.00
Abalone & aquamarine openable 925 Silver bangleAbalone & aquamarine openable 925 Silver bangle
Triangular end abalone bangleTriangular end abalone bangle
Triangular end abalone bangle
Sale priceRs. 11,500.00
Oval end Abalone bangleOval end Abalone bangle
Oval end Abalone bangle
Sale priceRs. 8,800.00
Iridescent Abalone Ring with pearl endingsIridescent Abalone Ring with pearl endings
Abalone & pearl silver ringAbalone & pearl silver ring
Abalone & pearl silver ring
Sale priceRs. 4,300.00
Handcrafted Abalone sterling silver ringHandcrafted Abalone sterling silver ring
Bezel set abalone & pearl silver ringBezel set abalone & pearl silver ring
Sterling Silver Square Shape Ring With Abalone ShellSterling Silver Square Shape Ring With Abalone Shell
Pearl and Abalone silver ringPearl and Abalone silver ring
Pearl and Abalone silver ring
Sale priceRs. 5,200.00
Sterling Silver oval Shape Ring With Abalone ShellSterling Silver oval Shape Ring With Abalone Shell
Pearl & Abalone silver ringPearl & Abalone silver ring
Pearl & Abalone silver ring
Sale priceRs. 4,400.00
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Vintage Style Oval Abalone RingVintage Style Oval Abalone Ring
Vintage Style Oval Abalone Ring
Sale priceRs. 3,450.00
Dainty oval Abalone silver ringDainty oval Abalone silver ring
Dainty oval Abalone silver ring
Sale priceRs. 2,650.00