Antiquated Recreated

Antiquated Recreated

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Adornment encapsulates the indescribable nature of life. Love for beauty is inherent in all human beings. It is this aesthetic impulse which prompts an individual to create, possess and enjoy all that is beautiful. Jewelry is, no doubt, an aid to personal beauty and this is probably the reason why the art of jewelry has been associated with the development of human civilization. Indian jewelry is a fascinating topic to analyze. Its origins can be traced back to antiquity. The resemblance of their forms to those manufactured now reveals an unbroken heritage that has linked Indian culture through all periods of its evolution.

 Anuka Jewels presents handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewels in antique, exotic, and timeless patterns, putting an end to your quest. We take great effort in establishing an exclusive catalogue with the whole range of silver jewelry for you to pick from. Any woman who desires to blend ethnic jewelry with modern clothing for a more modest look must include oxidized jewelry in her collection. Because of its timeless and exquisite patterns that never go out of style, oxidized jewelry has become increasingly popular. Oxidation gives jewelry a light and shadow aspect, allowing colorful stones to shine out.

The ANTIQUATED RECREATED line is inspired by authentic and traditional silver jewelry, but with a modern twist for a fresh look. These products have an old world charm and an elegant style. The collection includes pieces with various stones encrusted in them, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, tourmalines, and so on. The collection has a variety of designs and forms, many of which are inspired by nature, giving the jewelry a natural and real appearance.


Silver jewelry, no matter what you're wearing, provides the finishing touch to your ensemble. Anuka has a wonderful assortment of sterling silver jewelry for you to choose from. Whatever you select, you'll know you're giving a really one-of-a-kind present to yourself. The collection is assured to be on your favorite list for a long time, perhaps because of its sparkling beauty and everlasting impact. All eyes will be on you when you wear Anuka jewels ANTIQUATED RECREATED silver collection.

Allow us to be a part of your joyous occasions.