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The Hoops Collection 2.O

Hoops Are Back and Better Than Ever!!!
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The Kaleido

The Kaleido. Inspired by the captivating allure of colorful hues and the kaleidoscope of nature's wonders, this collection is a true testament to sophistication and style.
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Meraki 2.O

Featuring a fusion of silver and vividly colored jewelry, this time we have some dazzling Bangles, some elegant studs & statement chandelier earrings, rings for every personality and occasion some captivating chokers to Enhance your neckline rock your festive season with these eye-catching pieces

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That Modern Vibe

That Modern Vibe is a shout-out to all the Zoomers to go a little Boujee with your extravagant style & make a statement.

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Skip the solo strand and head straight for one of the multilayered pieces

this collection is all about stacking different pieces in your favourite style

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A Pearl Story

Considered to be the pinnacle of luxury and wealth, A Pearl Story adds an opulent touch to our life. Symbolic of the moon and water, it represents self-confidence & serenity.
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Beguile Aisle

The Beguile Aisle! is a delightful passage Designed to satisfy even the most minimal of minimalists, these pieces will bring your jewelry look up to date in a flash.

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Aether Collection

A perfect blend of light, space, and air unifies all of the world's big-hearted people who defy gender boundaries. Little bits can accomplish alot.
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Antiquated Recreated

A treasure trove of silver jewelry, this collection awakens the mesmerizing inner goddess inside you.

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The Bridge Collection

It's not just about becoming connected to people; it's also about getting attached to your jewellery, which is why we've put together our exclusive attach match rings line.
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The Earthy treasures

Gemstones mined from the ground and transformed into unique jewellery! Let's keep up with the trend of wearing healing stones, and here are our latest earthy gems.
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The Meraki Edit

The intriguing The Meraki Edit is designed for today's sophisticated lady who is full of surprises has her own style and wants to express her uniqueness.
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Kids Collection

Enroll your children in style and eccentricity. The adorbs are celebrating the start of happy jewellery hour. Our newest Munchkins Edition is now available.
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The Hoops collection

We have everything from huggies to midis, coke cans to shoulder grazers, and outliers! When it comes to hoops and a night of good ol' alcoholic fun, there's no holding back.
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The Fusion Sea Collection

It's time to swirl and roll in the lovely combination of blues and greens. Through our Fusion Sea Collection, we bring the stone of calm and tranquillity into your lives.
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Pastel Paradise

Featuring ethereally beautiful but edgy jewellery in icy, candy-colored pastel colours and lavishly overblown jewels, the collection weaves together the delicacy and power that define femininity.
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The House of Modish Galore

Silver stands out, especially when used in gleamingly contemporary and powerful statement pieces that stand up against nostalgia-driven designs.
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The Statements Links

Statement Jewellery is all about "YOU," and it has a deceptively nice and fashionable appeal. Make a pleasing appearance and be prepared to make a statement.
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Alchemy Collection

The process of changing a basic material into a higher form. Glow brightly in gold. Wear jewellery that is meant to be noticed. There's something for every gold enthusiast out there.
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The Tribal Collection

Tribal jewellery is the most one-of-a-kind and captivating type of jewellery. With silver as the metal of choice, we present you with some edgy, thrilling, sharp, and statement-making jewellery.
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Artisan's Boutique

The artists' attention to detail and design, as well as their love for the craft in beaded patterns and brilliant colours, are all brought to life in this collection.
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Effortless, graceful, laid-back, and softly enticing. A travel jewellery line was designed.
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Soulful Citrine

For all the strong women out there, self-esteem, self-respect, and individuality are essential.
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The Living Coral

The Living Coral Collection is a collection dedicated to the hue The Living Coral. The colour pops out in our collection, with each item including a coral gemstone.