In The Making of a beautiful Two-Stone Bracelet

In The Making of a beautiful Two-Stone Bracelet

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The free-lively choice from all Anuka, will cause you to feel like you're conveying your own one-of-a-kind bit of heaven, wherever you go. Wearing anything from Anuka resembles wearing eruptions of firecrackers on your skin, while the valuable gemstones will bring the perfect measure of sorcery to your outfit. A dream doesn't become reality through wizardry; it takes sweat, assurance, and difficult work… and that is the thing that Anuka Jewels is about hard work, focus & creative minds.


Each piece of jewelry starts off with a thought or an idea. The creator's idea and drawings are utilized by the model producer to make the first bit of Jewelry. Making an adornment’s configuration is energetic yet troublesome speculative chemistry of early stages of thoughts that thump against one another & are changed. For a great designer, the clear page is before him. After the sketch is finished with all the fine subtleties, the design is given to the artisan.


The process starts with bending the strip of metal around into the bangle shape, the back seam can be hard to align. One of the best ways to make this a perfect seam is to run the jewelers saw through it once the seam is aligned. Utilizing the saw, cautious sawing on one side of the crease, is observed partially through the metal. At that point, another equal cut is made on the opposite side of the crease. To and fro slicing through every one of these two sawn lines is done until each one is carved through. By cutting them simultaneously, the bangle does not turn out to be wiggly & the cuts are more equal.


The bracelet will be consisting of two semi-precious gemstones that are Rose Quartz & Aquamarine. Setting these stones happens through the talented hands of our stone setters.


The following & last advance is cleaning. Each part is cleaned while the mount is being made. The whole-mount is deliberately made spotless & cleaned to the furthest extent of perfection with the goal that every single part is appealingly finished. After the polishing cycle is finished, the product is brought to the checking office where every single piece is checked with extreme consideration & completely checked for any deformities. This cycle of value checking is finished by exceptionally experienced specialists.


The ravishing & unique Two-Stone bracelet is ready & is now ready to glow...